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Securing financial assistance, through non-traditional lenders, is the other way for business owners and real estate investors to finance their operations and purchases especially in the economic challenges of today. Borrowing money from non-traditional lenders offer lesser restrictions plus they have generous terms, in comparison to the traditional banks and mortgage brokers, making them a convenient option. Non-traditional loans have two kinds, the hard money and private loans. Several borrowers though are sometimes confused with the differences of these two types of loans.

So what are the differences between hard money and private money loans? Both hard money and private money loans give on time and a variety of financing to borrowers. Since there are differences in these non-traditional loans, it is advisable to understand these differences so you can decide which type can best fit your needs.

Businesses specializing in alternative lending are better off in getting hard money loan. The financing money of hard lenders originates from private institutions. This type of loan work with borrowers who are having difficulty in borrowing money from traditional lenders, and at the same time will not give a hard time for borrowers in its terms. The interest and repayment scheme are computed by the hard money lender based on the industry standard, and thus giving good terms for borrowers while earning a profit.
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As the name suggests, private money lenders are the ones funding the private money loans. Not advertising and not a business are the two ways how the private money lenders operate. Since private lenders are not under regulation, they do not follow the rules about loan rates or terms in the lending industry.
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There is a wide variations of approval criteria among private money lenders, and since they do not have a set criteria, borrowers are often wondering if they can get their funds. Heavy negotiation is more of the activity when securing this loan, rather than about interest and payment scheme.

It is sometimes difficult to choose between these two loans, but several borrowers find hard money loans better since it is based on the regulations of the lending industry.

There are also different types of hard money loans offered to the borrowers. These are gap loans, fix-and-flip loans, and commercial rehab loans. A gap loan helps businessmen to get fundings for the deficiencies of their available money versus their operating expenses. Borrowers who want to buy properties in trouble to reform them and put on sale for a profit, can benefit the offer of fix-and-flip loans. A kind of loan that borrowers can avail of if they are into buying and rehabilitating commercial properties on the low, is the commercial rehab loans.

It is understandable that the reason you deal with either hard money or private money loans is that maybe your loan cannot be accommodated with the traditional financing institutions.

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