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A General Overview of Auto Transport Companies

If you are planning to transport your vehicle from one place to another, but you do not plan to drive it, your best option is to hire an auto transport company. Many people choose to hire a private truck driver or have their moving company transport their car, but they soon find out that these are not your best options. The truth is that no other method of transporting your vehicle is as well equipped or experienced to handle a long distance vehicle transport than a good auto transport company.

When you are thinking of auto transport services, they are often divided into two groups which are transport brokers and transport carriers. The transport broker basically arranges the transport of your vehicle with an actual carrier. Auto transport brokers are basically like middle-men who make the specific arrangements with a specific carrier to have your vehicle transported. The auto transport carriers are the actual vehicle transport companies that perform the actual transport services.

It can be said that there are some advantages and some disadvantages to contracting with an auto transport broker. Though there are those who do not like dealing with middle-men in any kind of transaction, the truth is that there are many instances in which using a transport broker can get you special discounts and access to services that you would not get otherwise. It is always a good idea to comparison shop online, comparing the prices available from auto transport brokers and carriers.

If there is a disadvantage to working with an auto transport broker it would be that you may not know which company will actually be transporting your car until they show up. However, if this bothers you you should be sure to ask the transport broker which transport carrier will be handling your vehicle to look them up online before you sign the service agreement.

There are usually several factors that influence or determine the pricing of auto transport services in your area. Most auto transport companies base their rates on a number of factors including the distance your vehicle will be traveling, the type of vehicle that you are transporting, current fuel costs and special services that you request. After agreeing upon a price and signing the service agreement, you will be expected to pay a deposit on the service that should be around 10 to 25 percent of the total cost. You then will then be expected to pay the balance of the price when the vehicle is safely delivered.

To learn more about the advantages of auto transport services, all you have to do is visit the website of a local auto transport company. All you need to do to learn more about vehicle transport is search the Internet for information on auto transport companies in your home city.
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